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The system is unavailable from midnight till 3am CST Monday through Friday and midnight till 3am CST the last Saturday of the month. It is available at all other times unless unscheduled maintenance is required.
Welcome to "Member Access", a place where you have all the tools you need to plan your retirement and view your personal data — all in one secure reliable web site.

As a TRSL member, you may access your personal retirement account after a one-time registration to create your user ID and password. Once authorization to access the web site is established, you can view your personal data such as: beneficiary designation, years of service credit, salary reported by your employer, and contributions withheld from your paycheck.

NOTE: Only TRSL members or retirees, or individuals legally authorized to act on their behalf, are permitted to establish online access to member or retiree personal accounts. All other persons, including TRSL benefit recipients, such as beneficiaries, survivors, or ex-spouses receiving benefits, do not have authorization to establish online access in the name of a TRSL member. TRSL benefit recipients may seek authorization to establish online access to their own personal TRSL accounts.

As an active member, you can use our benefit estimate calculator preloaded with your personal information to create a benefit estimate, change your name, change your address, and apply for retirement.

As a retiree, you can view your benefit history, view and print your 1099R tax documents, and change your federal income tax withholding.

Access to your personal information is intended to be secure.  However, there are risks inherent in providing personal information through any web site. TRSL has made all reasonable efforts to minimize these risks.

No information on this web site is warranted to be an exact statement of your account.  Any information presented on this web site is subject to audit and revision without notice.

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