This calculator compares retirement benefits offered by TRSL’s Regular Plan with those available through the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP). Carefully and realistically consider your career expectations before deciding whether to participate in TRSL or ORP. Joining ORP is an irrevocable decision, meaning that once you join ORP you cannot decide later to switch to TRSL Regular Plan. Detailed information about the ORP, including a comparison of benefits, is available in our ORP Brochure.

If you have less the five years of TRSL service credit, you can use your most recent TRSL Member Statement (available online through Member Access) to help you enter your personal information, or you can use your best estimate.

NOTE: Enter your current salary if you've received a salary increase since the date of the Member Statement you're using.

Those K-12 teachers with more than five years of service credit who are transferring to an ORP-eligible position, should contact TRSL for further guidance.

Personal Information

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